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What We Do & Offer


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The gift is truly in the giving. We provide private personal and business consulting. Our consultations are tailored per person or business. We offer monthly free workshops for the public as well as annual events and community functions. 

Workshops & Events


We believe in providing community support at the core. We offer a monthly free workshop that will cover the basics of various topics. Annually, we also do local events with the goal of connecting our platform with other community based organizations and the locals.    



Just as much as we provide insight to our client's and to others, we also learn from our client's and value their insight whole heartedly. A person's journey past, present and into the future matters. #feelingsmatter 

Product Recommendations


While we are in the beginning phases of legalization, HempHouston has spent the last 3 years connecting with companies nation wide (also now internationally) to discover and evaluate Hemp(CBD) based products for the legal market locally ( and other nationwide markets). These are ONLY recommendations. For inquiries on how and where to obtain these items, click below !  

Community | News & Updates



This community has been around since before the 60's try since 5000BC and beyond. On this platform we want to highlight ALL influencers, innovators, organizations and people that have, are and will leave their own unique footprint within the industry.  Also, HempHouston wants to update you on any news and updates that impact us!

Cannabis-Hemp 101 & info | Glossary | FAQs


Terms, Acronyms, slogans, etc. can be so confusing. We wanted to provide you with a building list of terms and definitions for your viewing. We also have a growing FAQ section. #grow2know