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 A method of growing cannabis in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. A vertical setup also allows misting devices to be placed at the top, allowing gravity to distribute the moisture. (Hennings,2017a)(modernfarmer.com)

Alcohol Extraction

 is a commonly used extraction method for cannabis to create cannabis oil and concentrates. Once the plant is stripped of essential oils and trichomes using ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, the extra plant material is filtered out, and the remaining alcohol is evaporated. The sticky hash oil will be the only thing that remains. (potguide.com, 2019)

Ash Catcher

is a water pipe attachment that keeps ash and resin from entering your bong which in turn helps make cleaning it even more comfortable. Some ash catchers are built into a piece, but most ash catchers are separate accessories attached to the male or female joint of a piece. (420science.com,2019)


Glass buckets connected to a small arm, they're meant for vaporizing plant extract. After a banger is heated with a torch, extract or concentrate is applied to the bucket where it then evaporates. Bangers are almost always crafted with quartz, which has a very high melting point. (420science.com,2019)

Beaker Base

A beaker is a cylindrical container used to store, mix, and heat liquids in laboratories but in the cannabis world is a bong. The joint on a beaker-style piece is set at a 45° angle. They also hold a good amount of water and are a sturdy, making them a reliable and straightforward design for new and veteran smokers alike. (420science.com,2019)


Short for Butane Hash Oil a process by which cannabis flowers are blasted with butane creating an amber resin known as wax or shatter. This oil allows tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to become soluble. (potguide.com,2019)


The term blunt came from the brand Phillies Blunt Cigars, and they are made by splitting a cigarillo and emptying its contents and then rerolling it with cannabis. Blunts burn longer than joints and are usually used in extensive group sessions. (420science.com,2019)


The type of glass used to make bongs. Borosilicate glass that can tolerate variations in temperature, making it perfect for making pipes. Borosilicate doesn't expand as much as other glass when heated, so there's a shallow risk of joints or accessories cracking when a flame is applied. (420science.com,2019)


A bowl holds plant matter that you smoke or vaporize. Smoke is made by igniting a bowl's contents with a flame. There are different types of bowls; some bowls are built into a pipe, like the push bowl. Component bowls are known as "slides," because they're slid in and out of a water pipe during use. (420science.com,2019)


A bubbler pipe is smaller than a bong and uses water to filter smoke and vapor. Most bubblers have no removable components, though some may have detachable bowls. Most bubblers fit into two categories: hammer bubblers and upright bubblers. (420science.com,2019)


The actual flower of the cannabis plant; Harvested, cured, and use for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Can be smoked, infused with foods, or extracted for cannabis concentrates. (420science.com, 2019)


The second most prevalent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.  It does not bind to cannabinoid 1 and 2 (CB1 and CB2) receptors. CBC is not psychoactive. (Prichard & Brown, 2018).


CB1 receptors mediate physical and psychoactive effects while CB2 receptors regulate inflammation and immune response throughout the immune and peripheral nervous systems including the gut, spleen, liver, heart, kidneys, bones, blood vessels, lymph cells, endocrine glands, and reproductive organs (Healer, 2018).


 Abbreviation for Cannabidiol, one of 85 known cannabinoids found in cannabis. Research has shown effective treatment of pain, inflammation, and anxiety with CBD use. Lacks the psychoactive effects found with THC, making it accessible for medicinal marijuana use. (420science.com, 2019)

Cannabinoid Profile

The amount of all cannabinoids in the plant (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


Chemical compounds found in cannabis that produce various effects ranging from pain relief to appetite stimulant and more. The most well-known cannabinoid is THC, which is famous for the psychoactive effects, or high when using the plant recreationally. Currently, there are 85 known cannabinoids. (420science.com, 2019)


Comes from the Cannabis sativa plant and contains only a minimal amount of THC. (420science.com, 2019)


The scientific name, or genus, of marijuana. Three species of the plant: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis with Sative and Indica being used for both recreational and medical marijuana use. Ruderalis is rarely farmed due to having a naturally lower overall THC content. (420science.com, 2019)


 A carb is a hole in a hand pipe or bubbler that regulates airflow inside the pipe. You keep the carb covered when igniting your plant material, and you uncover it as you inhale, pulling fresh air in and clearing the chamber. (420science.com, 2019)


Also known as "cashing" a bowl, its when you finish a bowl and all that's left are the ashes. (420sciences.com, 2019)


 When the bowl gets lit and no longer requires a lighter. (420science.com, 2019)

Circ Perc

 A series of rings that are slotted in this perc allow smoke to be diffused between the spaces in the rings in a circular pattern. (420science.com, 2019)


 A starter cannabis plant, cut from the mother plant; will have similar yields and tastes for what is considered to be the standard for the genetics. (420science.com)

Closed-loop Extraction

A method of chemical extraction that reuses the solvent rather than dispersing it into the air. This method is considered safer than open-blasting and is currently required for all legal concentrate production in Colorado (Prichard & Brown, 2018).


 Refers to any material created by refining cannabis flowers, such as hash, dry sieve, and hash oils. Concentrates or extracts have much higher potency (Prichard & Brown, 2018).

CO2 Oil

 C02 is a supercritical fluid, which means that it transforms into a liquid when pressurized. It is a naturally occurring chemical substance that leaves no residue, making C02 oils pure concentrates. CO2 makes for a good option for individuals seeking cannabis concentrates for medical purposes. (420sciences.com, 2019)


Plant stain that results from the process of crossbreeding and genetic stabilization to express desired traits. (neha.org, 2019)


 An entity licensed to cultivate, process, and package cannabis, to deliver cannabis to cannabis establishments, and to transfer cannabis to other cannabis establishments, but not to consumers (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


The process of slowly drying flowers from the plant. Allows for a more gradual process to maximize flavor and smoke quality (Prichard & Brown, 2018).

Growing Cannabis using Aeroponics
Growing Cannabis using Aeroponics



 A method where a "dab" (small amount) of cannabis concentrate is placed on a preheated surface, creating concentrated cannabis vapor to be inhaled (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment [CDPHE], 2016).


A tool used for handling, and assisting cannabis consuming concentrates. Usually metal, glass or quartz. (420science.com, 2019)


 A slang term for potent cannabis flowers. Sometimes also referred to as weed, marijuana, flowers, bud, etc. Can also refer to the smell of cannabis. (420science.com, 2019)


The process by which, when exposed to heat, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is converted to THC and cannabichromene acid (CBCA) is converted to CBC (Leaf Science, 2017).


Diffusion, when referring to water pipes, is when smoke or vapor is spread through throughout water. This helps to remove solid deposits such as ash, cinders, tar etc.and what remains is both cooler and easier to inhale. (420science.com, 2019)

Disc Perc

A flat layer of glass separates the body of the water pipe, and several holes are arranged in it. Smoke is diffused evenly or only in the direction the pipe is tilted. (420science.com, 2019)


A store that can legally sell cannabis products; either medical, recreational, or both (Prichard & Brown, 2018).

Dome/Umbrella Perc 

These percs have an enclosure with slits or holes where the dome meets the bottom of the perc. These percolators work with a raised water level causes diffusion as the smoke passes through the dome and is separated when exiting the holes on the edges. (420science.com, 2019)


Individualized amount of cannabinoids within products. Dosing depends on titration, which is the process of increasing medication amounts until the desired effect is achieved (Health Canada, 2018).


A downstem is the tube that carries smoke or vapor from the bowl of a bong or bubbler into the water. Some downstems are fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage while others are made with standardized joints and can be removed for cleaning. Most downstems feature some cut or perc at the end. These holes in the downstem create the diffusion of the smoke or vapor through the water. (420science.com, 2019)


A synthetic THC pharmaceutical approved in the U.S. for the reduction of nausea and vomiting in cancer chemotherapy and increased appetite in HIV- wasting disease (Food and Drug Administration [FDA], 2017).


Two-chambered wooden boxes that are extremely convenient for smoking while out and about. They have a chamber for ground-up herb and a separate chamber for a small one-hitter. (420science.com, 2019)


Cannabis products that are consumed orally. These products can contain THC, CBD, or a combination of both. Common edible products include cookies, brownies, candies, gummies, chocolates, beverages, or homemade goods (CDPHE, 2016).


3.5 grams of dried herb. An eighth of an ounce. (420science.com, 2019)

Electronic Smoking Device

 A vaporizing device with a rechargeable battery that heats material such as cannabis flower (bud) or liquids containing THC or nicotine to produce vapor for inhalation. It is used as an alternative to smoking cannabis or tobacco (CDPHE, 2016).


Neurotransmitters created within the body that binds to cannabinoid receptors and help with homeostasis. (420science.com, 2019)

Endocannabinoid System 

A group of receptors that make up a very complex regulatory system throughout the human brain, body, andcentral, and peripheral nervous systems. ECS creates and maintains our body's internal stability (homeostasis) by adjusting the flow of neurotransmitters and regulating bodily functions, including appetite, sleep, emotion, and movement (Healer, 2018).


Extracted and concentrated compounds from plant material, usually in the form of oil, resin, wax, or shatter. Extracts require additional tools before use such as; water pipe, bubbler, or another smoking utensil. (420science.com, 2019)

Fixed Downstem

Serves the same function as a standard downstem, but this one is fixed in place permanently and is not removable. (420science.com, 2019)


Known as the hairy or sticky parts of the plant which are harvested for consumption in various products. Also known as the reproductive organs of the plant (CDPHE, 2016).


Frit glass is a style of glasswork that sandwiches coarse pieces of broken, colored glass called, "frit" between layers of clear glass, creating a swirling effect. Frit glass gives the appearance of having texture while being smooth to the touch. The frit process requires multiple layers of glass, so pipes made from frit are usually thicker and more durable than plain pipes. (420science.com, 2019)




 A grinder breaks down large pieces of plant matter into more readily smokeable chunks. Grinding plant matter makes it easier to load into a bowl, allows the material to burn more efficiently, and creates much better airflow. Grinders can have up to three chambers. (420science.com, 2019)


14 grams of dried herbs. A half-ounce. (420science.com, 2019)


Much like the inline perc, this perc splits into two at the end and pushes water to the sides of the water pipe. (420science.com, 2019)

Hand Pipe 

A hand pipe is any pipe that does not use water and is usually fairly easy to hold in your hands. They're the simplest, most classic pipe sold the world over. (420science.com, 2019) A hand pipe is any pipe that does not use water and is usually fairly easy to hold in your hands. They're the simplest, most classic pipe sold the world over. But, even with as simple as the concept of a hand pipe is, they can feature a ton of different designs that not only look awesome but help the pipe function amazingly as well.


Hash is a crude concentration of cannabis gland heads, created from sieving or filtering dried cannabis flowers with a fine screen. Similar to cannabis products but will contain more plant matter than a solvent-based extract. (420science.com, 2019)


The plant of the genus Cannabis or any part of the plant, whether growing or not, with a delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis of any part of the plant of the genus Cannabis (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


Refers to how evenly distributed the cannabis extract is through a product. For example, if 10% of the infused portion of the cannabis product contains less than 20% of the total THC contained in the product, it is homogenous. Homogeneity allows users assurance that they are consuming a consistently prepared edible. (neha.org, 2019)

Honeycomb Disc  

Like the disc perc but has a great multitude of small holes or sometimes hexagons just like a honeycomb. The more holes, the better the percolation, but drag can increase some. (420science.com, 2019)


A cross between two genetically different strains of cannabis. Hybrids can happen randomly or purposefully but are typically done to mix two or more preferred traits of a plant to make another powerful combination (PotGuide.com, 2018).


A popular way to grow cannabis that utilizes a soilless system (PotGuide.com, 2018).

Ice Catcher

An ice catcher is a glass structure blown into the mouthpiece that allows for it to be filled with ice. This helps to cool down hits so that they are extremely smooth. (420science.com, 2019)


Indica is a species of cannabis originating in the middle east and asia, including the famous genetics of kush and afghan lineages. Shorter, squat plants with a dense flower composition. Indica tends to be described as more of a body high, or couch lock, due to its sedative-like qualities. (420science.com, 2019)


The perc leads into the bottom of the piece and site horizontal. The slits or holes in the glass perc are usually faced in a direction that is ideal for the pipe. (420science.com, 2019)

Inside vs. Outside Growing

Indoor growing allows complete control of the environment. Indoor growing can lead to smaller yields due to lack of sunlight, but the resulting yield might contain higher levels of THC. Outdoor farming requires specific environmental climates and conditions. Current markets note that indoor cannabis is deemed of higher quality compared to cannabis grown outside. Each method carries its own environmental concerns (Hennings, 2017a).

ISO 17025

General requirements specified by the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. (neha.org, 2019)

Outdoor vs Indoor Growing
Outdoor vs Indoor Growing



The smokable kind of joint usually consists purely of cannabis kept together with a rolling paper. Another definition of a joint is the connection allowing bowls, bangers, ash catchers, among other attachments, to connect to a water pipe. (420science.com, 2019)


Kief, often mistakenly referred to as pollen, is the loose collection of cannabis glad heads (trichomes) that have been separated from the cannabis flowers and are usually sifted or sieved using a mesh screen. (420science.com, 2019)


This strain of cannabis originated in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the past, some individuals have used kush as a slang term for cannabis flowers. (420science.com, 2019)

Ladder Perc 

The ladder perc was originally created by Micah Evans, a senior designer for the GRAV product development team. The signature feature of the Upline pieces would be the perc, which consists of a series of stacked chambers separated by extra thick restriction discs. (420science.com, 2019)

Life Cycle Info 

Cannabis plants go through two distinct cycles in their lifetime: vegetative stage (when the plant is actively growing) and flowering stage (when the plant is focusing most of its energy on producing flowers). When the plant's light exposure falls at or below 12 hours daily, it triggers the flowering cycle (Hennings, 2017b).

Live Resin 

A type of concentrate, the live resin process uses fresh frozen plants that are harvested only hours prior to extraction. Since you are using a live plant, you retain the intense terpene profile of the plant as opposed to dried flowers. (420science.com, 2019)




To compound, blend, extract, infuse, or otherwise make or prepare a cannabis product (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).v


A slang term for the dried flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds of the cannabis plant (Health Canada, 2018).


Several layered gridded glass pucks sit on top of one another and from lots of overlapping holes. (420science.com, 2019)

Medical use of cannabis 

The acquisition, cultivation, possession, processing (including development of related products such as food, tinctures, aerosols, oils, or ointments), transfer, transportation, sale, distribution, dispensing, or administration of cannabis for the benefit of qualifying patients (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


Modular items allow users the ability to mix and match pieces with one another, given that they have the same standardized joint size. This allows for some serious customization to keep things fresh and exciting when smoking. (420science.com, 2019)


The area of the pipe where you inhale your smoke. They come with a variety of different designs but are usually designed to be slightly round for comfort and to create a good seal with the smoker's lips. (420science.com, 2019)


A secondary metabolite of a micro fungus that is capable of causing death or illness in humans and other animals. They include; aflatoxin B1, aflatoxin B2, aflatoxin G1, aflatoxin G2, and ochratoxin A (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


A synthetic THC pharmaceutical approved in the U.S. for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy (FDA, 2017).


Available in Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz, nails are an accessory used to vaporize plant extracts by heating the nail with a torch. (420science.com, 2019)


OG originally stood for 'Ocean Grown" kush grown in Southern California, which was shortened to OG Kush. It increased in fame and reputation for its unique traits and intoxicating effects. (420science.com,2019)


The Grav Octobowl is a regular flower bowl with a 6-arm glass screen to help prevent ash and debris from getting in your pipe. It also has a glass handle to lift the bowl without burning your fingers. (420science.com, 2019)


28 grams of dried cannabis flowers. (420science.com,2019)




Any container or wrapper that might be used for enclosing or containing any cannabis goods for final retail sale. (neha.org, 2019)


Perc is an abbreviation for percolator. Perc uses the water of your piece to filter out tars and other chemicals found in smoke via heat exchange and dissolution through the water. (420science,2019)


Chemical or organic substances that might be used on cannabis plants to protect against insects and fungus. Due to the Schedule I status of cannabis, as well as the lack of research and understanding, there are no federal regulations on the application of pesticides on cannabis. Some pesticides commonly used on cannabis can be highly toxic. (neha.org, 2019)


The absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of a drug and the effect the drug has on the body (CDPHE, 2016).



Phenotype is a term mostly heard when growing cannabis and refers to the general physical characteristics such as height, branch structure, color, etc. (420science.com, 2019)


Pistils are the hair-like structures that often range from orange to red. The pistil can also act to collect male pollen when breeding male and female cannabis plants. (420science.com,2019)

Plant Matter 

Refers to raw organic material taken from a plant and dried before use. (420science.com, 2019)


Pot is a slang term for cannabis, and the nickname comes from the Spanish word 'Potiguaya' which means Marijuana Leaves. The name became popular in the United States in the late 1930s and early 1940s. (420science.com, 2019)


Pre-Rolls are a commonly used term for a pre-rolled or filled joint, sold in dispensaries. (420science.com, 2019)

Puck Perc

Pucks are hockey puck-shaped glass cylinders that have holes, slits, or jets made in them to create percolation. Usually, these pieces feature more holes than other similar type percs. (420science.com, 2019)


Also referred to as purp, this is a broad term for any cannabis flowers that contains a visible amount of anthocyanin, which gives the flowers a distinct purple color. (420science.com, 2019)


To harvest, dry, cure, trim, and separate parts of the marijuana plant by manual or mechanical means (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


Also know as a quarter pound. This is 4 ounces of dried flower or 112 grams. (420science.com, 2019)

Recreational Cannabis

The intentional use of cannabis. Recreational cannabis can be purchased at a dispensary by those who are 21 years or older with a valid government-issued ID (PotGuide.com, 2018).

Residual Solvent

A volatile organic compound used in the manufacturing of a cannabis that is not entirely removed by practical manufacturing techniques (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


An entity licensed to purchase and deliver cannabis and cannabis products from cannabis establishments and to deliver, sell, or otherwise transfer cannabis and cannabis products to cannabis establishments and consumers (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


This is when you run out of your stash and need to restock. (420science.com, 2019)

Roll Stop

Small glass marble to help a steamroller or similar cylindrical pipe to keep from rolling. (420science.com, 2019)

Route of Administration 

The process in which a chemical enters the human body, travels into organs and tissues, and is then metabolized into the body before elimination. The route of administration of cannabis has different effects. (Barrus et al., 2016).

TWEEDLEAF (Colorado Dispensary)
TWEEDLEAF (Colorado Dispensary)



Sandblasted refers to the finish achieved by blasting glass with sand, which gives it that naturally opaque/matte finish. (420science.com, 2019)


Sativa (short for Cannabis Sativa) strains grow fairly tall plants that are lighter in color and take longer to flower. Sativas also tend to produce more cerebral effects when consumed, unlike Indicas, which provide a more sedative-like result. (429science.com, 2019)

Schedule 1 drug

Drugs, substances, or chemicals that have no currently accepted medical use and have a high potential for abuse. This federal list is established by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (neha.org, 2019)

Scientific Glass

This style of glass is usually clear and has a more scientific design akin to the beakers, flasks, and cylinders used in chemistry sets and medical devices. (420science.com, 2019)

Seed to sale

Everything that happens to an individual cannabis plant from seed and cultivation, through growth, harvest, and preparation of cannabis-infused products, if any, to the final sale of finished products (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 2018).


Refers to the consistency of certain types of concentrates, shatter being a brittle, glass-like consistency. Also used as a slang term for BHO (Butane Hash Oil). (420science.com, 2019)


A classic perc, this is a vertical tube that has vertical slits along the bottom for diffusion. (420science.com, 2019)


Variety of cannabis plants that have a particular characteristic(s) that might be used to express a specific desired effect. (Prichard & Brown, 2018).

Stereo Matrix

The same as a matrix but one sits on top of the other separated by chambers. The two percs are often different sizes. (420sicence.com, 2019)

Straight Diffused Downstem

This is the most basic type of percolator. A downstem leads underwater, and the straight tube injects the smoke down into the water to cool and bubble before moving up the pipe. (420science.com, 2019)

Swiss Perc 

A vertical style percolator used on some unique water pipes. The entire body is used as a perc that resembles a Swiss cheese look. The holes made in a large vertical disc-like shape allows smoke to pass through them. (420science.com, 2019)

Synthetic Cannabis

Various human-made chemicals that some people might use as an alternative to cannabis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018).


The most prevalent cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant. THC accounts for most of the psychoactive effects. (Prichard & Brown, 2018).


Most abundant cannabinoid found in the plant that is decarboxylated and formed into THC by smoking, vaporizing, or heating (Prichard & Brown, 2018).


A taster is glass tubing with a restriction on one end that serves as the bowl. Also known as one-hitters, bats, or chillums. (420science.com, 2019)


Fragrant oils secreted from the resin glands of flowers that provide aromatic diversity. They are not just found in the cannabis plant, but other plants as well. Terpenes bind to different receptors in the brain to give different effects (Hennings, 2017b).


A liquid form of cannabis that is made from glycerin or alcohol. Tinctures are usually distributed in an eyedropper under the tongue to provide fast absorption to the body, leading to quicker effects than edibles and inhalation (PotGuide.com, 2018).


Cannabis products such as lotions, balms, and oils that are used for pain relief (Prichard & Brown, 2018).

Tree Perc 

This popular percolator can have anywhere from 4 to 64 separate arms. The more arms a tree perc has, the more diffusion is created. Arms often are open-ended or have slits on the side to create even more percolation. (420science.com, 2019)


Crystalized glands on the cannabis plant that produce resin. They are the parts of the plant that contain most cannabinoids (PotGuide.com, 2018).


When the plant has been harvested, a grower will trim the plant of its leaves, placing focus on the remaining buds (CDPHE, 2016).


A method of cannabis use in cannabis vapor, rather

than smoke, is inhaled. Cannabis flower or concentrate is

heated in a vaporizing device (vaporizer) to a temperature

below the point of combustion to produce vapor (CDPHE, 2016).


The process of heating dried herbs just below their combustion temperature. A decidedly healthier alternative to smoking. (420science.com, 2019)


A different way to consume cannabis. A vaporizer heats flowers or oils that activate cannabinoids and turn them into a vapor that can be inhaled (PotGuide.com, 2018).

Venturi Chamber

a glass structure that spins, cools and aerates smoke for much smoother hits. A funnel-shaped chamber with three evenly spaced holes at the most extensive parts of the curve and when smoke is pulled through the chamber, it creates a spinning column similar to the shape of a helix.  (420science.com, 2019)



Waffle Perc

Somewhat like a disc perc, this percs holes are made by a criss-cross pattern in the glass that resembles a waffle. They tend to be much thicker than disc percs. (420sicence.com, 2019)

Water Pipe

A pipe with a chamber large enough to be filled with water. A downstem is submerged under the water for improved percolation and filtration, which helps to cool the smoke. (420sicence.com, 2019)


 Refers to the consistency of certain types of concentrates. Wax is peanut butter-like and malleable.  (420sicence.com, 2019)


 A green plant that gets you high. This is also a slang term for cannabis/marijuana. (420sicence.com, 2019)

Wig Wag 

Blended layers of glass consisting of line patterns similar to spirals. Somewhat unique designs, meaning that no two models are identical. (420sicence.com, 2019)


 Another term for one ounce of dried flowers. (420sicence.com, 2019)

Water Pipe
Water Pipe