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Cannabis-Hemp 101 | Glossary


Ancient Cannabis & Hemp

Our healing plant: Cannabis/Hemp plant species should be called our "Ancient Elder" plant. 

Can you imagine all plant life (all life ) for that matter posessing the same essence that is within the Cannabis/Hemp plant species? 

What is Cannabis/Hemp?

ABC's of THC & CBD

Glossary of Terms/ Cannabis Education

Here are some terms and definitions from our Hemp Glossary of commonly used terms pertaining to the Cannabis and Hemp species and everything industry related. 

Ancient Cannabis & Hemp


Our Ancient doctors, aka, Shamans practiced traditions of Shamanism that would be considered the founding blocks of modern day religion. In hunting and gathering societies, the shaman was at once a priest, doctor and  magician. Drug potions made from plants was used to communicate to the spirit world, to cure the sick and to control local to global events. 


Mushrooms appeared early in the evolution of the plant kingdom, and along with some other plants, were amongst the first sacraments used by shamans in Eurasia and the Western Hemisphere. 

In China, Mediterranean, and Africa, the earliest sacred plants were mostly grains, grapes and palms. Cannabis and Hemp, coca, the opium poppy and tobacco are among the oldest cultivated plants and some species are entirely unknown in the wild. 

This Healing Plant, would travel across the world in less than 10,000 years. Since the beginning of time, literally, the destinies of man and Cannabis or Hemp have been inextricably linked.

Shamans carried magic weed around in medicine bags, nomads and explorers introduced it everywhere they went in ancient Eurasia. It has been noted that Cannabis has long been the most widely used hallucinogen on earth. 

Very similar to humankind, hemp is aggressive and versatile, spreading with ease across the most treacherous terrains, up hills and mountains, deserts and plains, down riverbeds and streams even in swamps. 

Imagine an early nomad encountering this amazing healing psychoactive plant!!  One of the first tangible evidence of hemp in the world appears as fiber marks on pottery (ca. 4000 B.C.) from the Neolithic village of Pan P'o in Shensi Province, north central China. 

On the European side of central Asia, hempseed have been recovered from Neolithic sites in Rumania, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. 

In Ancient Kush (Egypt), the Cannabis plant was used as medicine and mentioned in the following texts:

  • The Ramesseum III Papyrus        (1700 BC)
  • Beer's Papyrus (1600 BC)
  • The Berlin Papyrus (1300 BC)
  • The Chester Beatty VI Papyrus (1300 BC)


Humans and the meddling in its plant-twin, has caused many versions and species, but there is basically 3 different ones. 


The Great Hemp plant was revered by The Emperor Shen Nung, for the needs and comforts of life. Clothing, ropes, fishnets, pottery mats, food from the seeds rich in sugar, sauces and salves to a healing drug for the spirit, mind and body; this is a miracle multi-purpose plant. 

Hempseed and flower-tops were frequently recommended for constipation.


what is cannabis & hemp?




Cannabis, and all of its cannabinoid components, is a controlled substance classified as a Schedule I agent in the US; this classified cation denotes a drug with a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use.*

Cannabis, and all of its cannabinoid components, is a controlled substance classified as a Schedule I agent in the US; this classification denotes a drug with a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use.*

                                           “Cannabis” is the generic term for products

                                                                              of the plant,


The scientific  name of the cannabis plant.

The two varieties of cannabis – sativa and indica – are considered subspecies; Cannabis sativasubsp. sativa contains <0.3% (dry weight) of THC and Cannabis sativa subsp. indica contains >0.3% of THC.4,5 . 

    "  In actuality there is only ONE species, a single species that copied itself into various                               versions of itself, depending on location, elements and nature. "~ HEMPHOUSTON


Used interchangeable with the word "cannabis" the same as saying  Cannabis  plants, especially when grown for fiber.

The fiber of the cannabis plant, extracted from the stem and used to make rope, strong fabrics, fiberboard, and paper.

Used in names of other plants that yield fiber, e.g. Manila hemp.


This term orginated out of  a negative slang connotation for the word Cannabis. While this term refers to a dried mixture of cannabis leaves and flowers, the term also denotes an illegal drug or subtance that is connected to sketchy characters, traits, behaviors or occupations (especially referenced people of color). 


This form of Cannabis denotes the only requirement for consumption is desire and being of age. In legal states a customer can purchase Cannabis without a medical card, at designated locations. Typically (RC) has moderate to high strengths unlike Medicinal Cannabis, where the prescribed dosages involves higher potency or full spectrum plants.

cannabis and hemp versions


Hemp AKA first known as "Sativa-L"


Cannabis Sativa


Indica(Shorter span of leaf, thicker stalk)




Hemp fiber mats and chips.


Cannabis Extractions (CannabisTimes)

ABC's of THC & CBD

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